Eat for less than $2

Eat for less than $2

Eat for less than $2 is possible and we want to show you how. It certainly doesn’t mean that you need to eat unhealthy food or eat the same meal over and over the whole week. In my opinion, it makes no sense and not at all necessary.

When going to your local butcher, observe the price of the meat. Decide what you want to plan for dinner depending on the price of the product.

Pork Neck Steak

This week Pork Neck Steak was only $1.99 a pound. In this case, for
only $6.10 you bring home 6 juice steaks. The fine marbling of fat through the pork shoulder makes the pork steak juicy and the flavour is amazing.
Click here for recipe.

pork neck steak

Thin Pork Cutlets | “Febras de Porco”

This week, Thin Pork Cutlets were only $3.99 a pound. For only $4.53 you bring home 6 cutlets. With these 6 Pork Cutlets combined with a runny poached egg for each person, you make a delicious meal for dinner and still have leftover for your lunch the next day. Click here for recipe.

pork cutlets with poached eggs

Above you have two main dish that were not expensive at all to make and it took only 20 minutes to prepare and cook. The side dishes that go really well with these two dishes are:

Buttery Creamy Herb mash Potatoes
The Best Hasselback Potatoes
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes sauteed spring beans
sauteed spring beans
  • Rice Cauliflower

At the end when you sit down to enjoy your meal with whatever side dish you prepared it will be no more than $2 per person. This is the conclusion that we got and if you notice by the photos, everything looks amazing and delicious!

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